I grew up in Newfoundland, Canada, and this summer, after two long years, I was so grateful to visit with my family! Newfoundland is also where I developed my love for learning, singing and music-making.  

Later, as an early childhood music educator in New Jersey, I read Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence and the arts. That book nudged me. "It's not about teaching music," I remember telling myself. "It's about teaching kids."  


I became a 5th grade teacher in Maplewood, New Jersey and often used the arts to engage my math, science and social studies students. Before long, another book peaked my curiosity. One of my 7th grade daughter's school books introduced me to a 17th century shopkeeper in Holland. How did this uneducated man become the Father of Microbiology?  After reading more about him, I also started writing about him... so that I could share his story with my students. I've been writing ever since!​


Curiosity keeps leading us down new path