Twice a teacher, always a writer…

I am a former teacher who writes about science pioneers and fascinating ideas. 

A few years ago I read a chapter in my 7th grade daughter's school book. It was about an uneducated 17th century shopkeeper who became the Father of Microbiology. Who was this unlikely man? I've been reading and writing about him ever since. You could say this Dutchman inspired me to write... so I could share his story. 

My first career was as a music educator, but after reading Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence and the arts I pivoted and became a 5th grade classroom teacher. "It's not about teaching music," I remember telling myself. "It's about teaching kids." I taught in Maplewood, New Jersey and often used the arts to engage my math, science and social studies students.

Visit my virtual Curiosity Cabinet on this website to catch a few clues about my various writing projects. ​I'm thinking that all this curiosity started while I was growing up in Newfoundland, Canada. And yes, I love to write about that as well!