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I grew up in Newfoundland, Canada, and have three siblings with whom I shared glorious summers camping on Badger Lake. In fact we still meet there most summers! 

After college in Rochester, NY I married my college sweetheart, Vince. We raised two adventurous kids in Maplewood, NJ. and as adults, they never cease to amaze me!




I became an early childhood music educator,

and a piano teacher 





and later was nudged by Howard Gardner and his theory

of multiple intelligence and the arts. "It's not about teaching music," I remember 

telling myself. "It's about teaching kids."  So... 


I became a 5th grade teacher in Maplewood and often used the arts to engage my math, science and social studies students.

Before long, another book peaked my curiosity... about a 17th century Dutch shopkeeper. How did this uneducated man become the Father of MicrobiologyI've been learning and writing about him, and a host of other fascinating people and ideas, ever since!​


Children coloring
Writing with Pen
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