Earlier this year I shared my writing journey with the seniors at Tunkhannock Area High School. Most of these enthusiastic and  talented young writers plan to continue with writing beyond high school! 


I'm setting fresh eyes on my historical novel and  am writing a new STEM picture book. Let's just say... it took me down an unexpected path! 

I've also conferenced with an editor on my novel and taken part in NFFest, #waterpoemproject, #fallwritingfrenzy and more than a few writing-craft webinars. I've been keeping very busy with my numerous critique groups, SCBWI, and Julie Hedlund's 12x12 Picture Book Challenge!

Check out my blog where, in August, I wrote a series of posts, "My Newfoundland".  Even though writing about my childhood memories 

wasn't quite the same as visiting, I loved taking the trip down memory lane. Hopefully the border will reopen soon!

I've also become active with Birdshot Uveitis Society of North America. A number of us "birdies" from Canada and the U.S. have been meeting online and have formed this not-for-profit to support  people with this rare but treatable eye condition. I'm serving as webmaster and blog writer. For more information, visit https://www.busna.org/

Thanks for visiting my webpage. I appreciate your encouragement and your "likes"!


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