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Several of my picture book projects are being

queried to agents, and I'm also writing a

math-themed picture book that, shall I say,

has taken me down an unexpected path! 

A beta reader and a local book group recently read my historical novel and their feedback was both encouraging and helpful.  Also, a friend in Holland sent me his wonderful new research paper that relates to my novel's 17th century setting. The magnitude of writing a novel is huge, but it's more interesting with each and every revision!

I've participated in several writing groups and craft seminars including...  NFFest, #waterpoemproject, #fallwritingfrenzy and #Storystorm. I 'm a member of Historical Novel Society, SCBWI, Julie Hedlund's 12x12 Picture Book Challenge, and Jess Keating's Epic Author's Academy. Special thanks to the many authors, agents, editors, researchers and scientists who have happily shared their wisdom with me. 






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