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Letting Every Story Shine!

My commitment to attend Jess Keating’s Epic Author’s Academy has proven to be a commitment to myself, but how do I explain the gifts I've received?

Imagine you have one stone for each of your memorable experiences, but they are scattered in dozens of pockets and drawers. You gather all these stones - the big and small, the clear and cloudy, and the colorful and dull - and you warm them in your hands. You revisit every facet of the stories they tell.

You chisel some of them into new shapes that become nuggets of positivity. The energy in your hands turns each stone into a clear and brilliant bead that you polish and string onto a stunning necklace. You wear if for all the world to admire, yet you know, more than anyone, the treasures it represents.

You walk confidently into your future and along the way you meet the person you hope to become. She replies, “You know who you want to be. You are already her. Let every facet of yourself shine.”

And so you do.

To Jess and my writer friends at EAA, I so enjoyed merging paths with you. May our friendships continue, may our lives thrive, and may our writing always delight ourselves and others!

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1 Comment

Dec 03, 2021

Beautifully said.

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