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Days Like These

Summer greeneries usher in their rust-eries,

grateful for their effervescent glories.

Blazing leaves stir in gentle breezes

as morning fog rests wherever it pleases.

This road I walk has sheltering trees

and one gold line that lies at ease.

Yet up ahead, no guarantees,

for roads can turn in sharp degrees.

I wonder where it’s taking me.

What joys and heartaches will there be?

Whatever rain or splendid breeze,

sizzling days or stormy seas,

let me dance like autumn leaves,

remembering days like these.

This poem was written in response to the photograph shown above.

(Photo courtesy of )

The poem is part of the #fallwritingfrenzy 2020 Challenge for Children's Writers.

Lucky winners will receive critiques from

one of number of kidlit authors, agents and editors!

for organizing this annual event and to the incredibly talented authors, editors and agents who are offering critiques!

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2 則留言


Thank you for sharing this lovely mantra with us for the fall writing frenzy, I especially liked the degrees ;)



What a wonderful ode to the dance of life celebrating the past, living in the moment, and looking ahead to the future. I love your joyous last lines: "let me dance like autumn leaves,/remembering days like these." @AnneLipton

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