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What's my 'Brand"?

A good deal of my writing has been informed by the online writing community. Whether through one of my writerly Facebook groups or from a blog writer or Twitter friend, the internet is alive with like-minded people who are happy to share their knowledge and experiences. And I’m happy to read it all. But on the writers’ marketing blogs there’s a consistent suggestion to create a “brand”. Perhaps I’m not as focused a writer as some others so this concept of branding is challenging to me.

If you were to read about me on one of my online platforms you'd see that I write about people and ideas that have impacted the natural world. This is the common thread that's present in much, but not all, of my writing. Yet my pieces cover a wide range of those people and ideas - four hundred years ago, a hundred years ago, 2019, science pioneers, science history, today's thought leaders, ecology, a female adventuress, arts education, artists, then and now...

The bulk of my most recent effort has been three picture books. And in my defense, most of my online communications relate directly to the childrens’ nonfiction and fiction picture book community. But I’m also honing the historical novel that started me down this writerly path. And there are science-related books and fascinating health memoires that I just had to write a review for, and education-related ideas that I’m passionate about… You get the idea.

What do these multiple directions say about me? Should I limit my tweets and posts to my narrower brand… who am I as a picture book writer and/or a HF writer? Or should I share those other passions that reveal the other facets of my personality?

It’s fair to say I’m a generalist. That’s not a word you hear very often in this expert-driven society. But I like to look at the big picture and connect a few dots.

The bottom line is, I love to write. Immediately following my decades in education, first as a music educator and later as a fifth grade teacher, this form of expression lit my fire. I enjoy writing historical fiction, memoire AND picture books. I’m not sure where the reviews fit in but they seem to fit the job description. And I’m not content choosing just one of those genres.

The question is, should I reveal just one or two genres? Or can I honestly show my ever-curious self and the various paths that I follow? Should my blog be content-specific? Or can I share whatever it is I’m writing? Your thoughts are welcome.

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