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Wishing you a wonderful "word" and a Happy New Year!

2019 –The number itself seems tucked under the chin of 2020. Such placement makes me think it’ll hurry along. And since it’s not a leap year it’ll be shorter than most.

Could 2019 be a prime number? That would be cool. But by adding the digits (2+0+1+9=12) we can see that it’s divisible by 3. Okay, but... Doesn’t 2019 feel like a number that’ll speed toward to “the big one” 3 times faster than normal?

Will 2019 be an improvement over 2018? That even-numbered year lulled me into a sense of balance, yet it was bruising at times. As it comes to an end, my brokenhearted yet wiser self is anxious to get on with the New Year, even though it’ll be my first year without my mom.

Let’s be wildly optimistic. My goals will be realized. Maybe a few new dreams will even come true. If that's to happen then I must get myself ready! There’ll be moments to treasure and tasks to execute! I must be fit as a fiddle and healthy as an ox and open to each blessing that comes my way! Some things I CAN control – eating well, exercising, and loving others with my whole heart. Completing my manuscripts and sending them out. Yes, that’s where the rubber hits the road - Do what I CAN do.

This year I’m choosing a “Word of the Year”. It’s not the first time I’ve done so. 2018’s word was enough. “Enough of whatever I needed”. And yes, I had what I needed. But for the new year, the word "caring " comes to mind.

I hear my mother’s voice telling me to take care of myself. I say the same to my adult children. “Do everything you can to take care of yourself.”

This year I promise to care for my loving husband of forty years, for my children, my siblings and family members, and for my dear friends. And care for myself. That last one can be a challenge.

In 2019 there’ll be new ups and downs. Glorious celebrations. Devastating losses. It’s not what happens to us; it’s how we deal with it. And yes, it’s more complicated than that.

I’ll strive to care for the good people in the communities in which I live, and for those who live in communities beyond. Our amazing blue planet cries for all of our help. I’ll care enough to turn my love for clean mountain air and life-giving water into gestures that will honor nature’s many gifts.

I promise to care, yet my word is caring - it just seems to hold an extra hug. We could all use that.

What’s your word for the New Year?

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