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Imaginations will float, vanish and drench!

All the Water in the World ….is all the water in the world.” How’s that for a opening line? The entire book delivers on the promise of this first sentence.

Charming words and phrases splash about in this engaging picture book by George Ella Lyon and Katherine Tillotson. (Published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2017) Children will reach for All the Water in the World again and again, and no wonder. Its fresh rhymes feel spontaneous even as they pop up in unexpected places. They tumble elegantly across each page and tickle the listener’s ear.

Imaginations will float around the curves of lazy rivers, vanish in evaporating drops of water, and drench mountains and deserts alike. Children will not only learn about the water cycle as they drift along it. They’ll also appreciate its most essential concept - there is only so much water.

Delightful illustrations help make the science of the water cycle accessible for every age. They capture and extend the text ever so cleverly.

All the Water in the World will delight children in the wonders of water. It’ll foster a love for our beautiful planet and will plant seeds in the hearts of this newest generation. That will help keep the water clean and the earth green.

Children will be keen to read this book!

Josette, a retired 5th grade teacher and aspiring author. She is delighted by science and picture books! Once a teacher always a teacher!

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