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Einstein & Sandow Inspire!

Two more engaging picture books to celebrate Picture Book Month!

Strong as Sandow: How Eugen Sandow Became the Strongest Man on Earth, written and illustrated by Don Tate, is a masterfully written account of the first celebrity body builder who, in fact, inspired the fitness movement. Sandow was a sickly child who was too small and weak to play sports games. As he learned about exercise and nutrition, his size, strength, and fame grew. Young athletes and would-be athletes will want to be their healthiest selves after reading and rereading this fanciful, entertaining story. Sandow certainly qualifies as a pioneer in the science of fitness!

Einstein: On a Beam of Light

by Jennifer Berne is a must read for any young day dreamer! Einstein rides puzzling ideas past the everyday and into a colorful world of distorted sizes. Even time and space are shown in a new way. Also, as you can see from the cover illustration, there is something ethereal in Vladimir Radunsky’s illustrations. On a Beam of Light will foster curiosity and wonder in all of its readers.

Enjoy the wonderment of science

and be inspired

by the diligence and creativity

of its earliest pioneers!

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