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A Young Man Reclaims the Life He Loves

On the eve of a honeymoon trip that never takes place, Daniel Rufer’s health takes a shocking turn. His debut memoire, Disconjugate Gaze, brings us inside his health crisis.

In its first chapter Daniel meets us in good spirits and, as he presumed, good health. Then comes a rollercoaster ride that starts deep underground. Daniel must fight his way back to the surface. One step forward is often followed by yet another setback. Medical professionals, family, friends and even his school community keep him on the rails with their expertise, love and support. And he perseveres.

Mr. Rufer’s well-paced narrative reveals a determined young man as he fiercely reclaims the life he loves. He shares just enough that we understand the core of his closest relationships. His devoted wife is his North Star, as caring as she is sassy. He is defined by his close-knit family, friends, students and colleagues. They are there for him, in a myriad of ways. I especially enjoyed how he wisely guided his students through the experience.

Daniel Rufer leads us through his ordeal with humor, grace, and an extraordinary degree of wisdom and fortitude. His gifts, not the least of which is his writing, are abundant.

I wish him well.…/R31EA0URRA5…/ref=cm_cr_dp_mb_rvw_1…

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